Learn about Brendan Shanahan’s first CD, entitled “Brendan’s Ireland”, from here.
“Brendan’s Ireland”, this subpage on the site and the brand name of Brendan’s Irish enterprise, is an expression of the author’s thoughts about his country and a forum for his development of an educational tool to enthuse others about Ireland, domestically and abroad.  Its development will include essays, historical information, art and photography in gallery form, some for purchase, tutorials for schoolchildren, and other tributaries down the fascinating road trip that is IRELAND–BRENDAN’S IRELAND.

This page will be developed in the future so please come back from time to time.  At this moment of development, we expect to create links to these subjects:

Essays, Articles, Poems, Fiction
Gallery (photos and art)
Ireland Educational Projects
Christian Worship
Tours and Appearances
Video of Brendan’s Performances and
     Ireland–Cities and Pastoral
Irish Painters
Living in Ireland
Journal of Irish Daily Life–
     work, play, homelife, worship

This list may change as time goes along, and it will develop in its own schedule.  It is all part of Brendan’s desire to provoke, explore, illuminate, ruminate, indulge, create …. all that is Ireland today and yesterday.